info Barak Twito Multidisciplinary artist, sculptor & illustrator

Barak Twito |

Freelance 3d artist and illustrator.

Born in 1984.
graduated of the Ceramic and Glass Design Department in “Bezalel” academy of art and design.


2014-2015 – Teaching certificate from the School of Education of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

2009-2013 – A Bachelor of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramics & Glass Design, “Bezalel” academy of art and design.

2012 – Exchange student program, The International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemét, Hungary.

2008 – Studies at the visual Communication Department, Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem.



2018 – “Jerusalem and her Sons”, Curators: Aimer Olson and Shoshana Birenbaum. Beit Uri Tzvi Greenberg, Jerusalem.

2017 May – Annual Exhibition of the Ceramic Artists Association of Israel, “Topsy Turvy”.

Curator: Irena Gordon. Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center, Tel-Aviv.

2017 February – “A Lot of Flesh a Lot of Air”- Joint exhibition with Reut Traum, Beita-home for social art in the city, Jerusalem. Curators: Barak Twito and Reut Traum.

2016 – The 8th Biennale of Israeli ceramics, The Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Curator: Dr. Eran Erlich.

2016 March – Group Exhibition: “ARTMIZPE”. Mizpe-Ramon, Israel. Curator: Boas Toorgeman.

2015 – “Quest-Clay and photography”, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center-Tel Aviv, Museum of Photography-Tel-Hai.  Curators: Talia Tokatly and Roni Ben Ari.



2013 – Award of excellence for an excelled graduate project, The Department of ceramic and glass design-Bezalel.

2012– Award of excellence at ceramics studies, The Department of ceramic and glass design-Bezalel.


Projects and artistic activity

2015-2017 – ceramics and glass counselor at “Susan’s house”- workshop & community center for at-risk teens.

2015-2016  – Portable Gallery Initiative in Jerusalem- “Zmanit Gallery, CO-founded by Barak Twito and Reut Traum, five exhibition in the street of Jerusalem and Farmers Market- Shuk-Mhane Yehuda.”Zmanit Gallery” received support from The Plastic Art Department of the Jerusalem Municipality and the “New-Spirit” Foundation.

2013-2014 – ceramic workshop guide at “Yftach” high school, Ovnat.

2012-2014 – Art teacher at middle school “Beit HaTzayar”, Jerusalem.



2017 – ErevRav-Independent Journal of Arts, Culture and Society exhibition review by Doria Shhara.

2016 February – I Travel Jerusalem:

2016 – Portfolio-Art and design magazine, Exhibition review on the 8th Biennale of Israeli ceramics by Hagit Peleg Rotem,