Was proud to exhibit my work: “Playing dolls and the great goddess” at the Annual Exhibition of the Ceramic Artists Association of Israel (2015): “Quest–Clay and Photography”. Curators: Talia Tokatli and Roni Ben-Ari.

Playing dolls and the great goddess

A meeting between different kinds of figurines. The prehistoric figurines, the figurines of our culture-the Barbie doll And the decorative porcelain figurines –Tthree of them are social and cultural representations of the female body and reflect the reference to the female image and its inherent baggage

porcelain and stonwear with high iron content

“wearing the great goddess”

I used three main material for this project, each material for it own baggage and special meaning: Porcelain which represent the decorative and beauty aspect of the female classic image. Clay with high content of iron to represent the prehistoric figurine with it “natural raw power”. and Stainless-steel Rulers (of which the figurines are hanging from), for it connection to our time and the importance of measuring method for the idyllic female form.

Quest-clay and photography

my work and the photo by Leora Laor at Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center

The Quest

This exhibition brings together museums, ceramic art and photographic art.The works from both media will be exhibited introducing a challenging connection of two art languages, thought processes, means of observation and links that are not obvious. The meeting point between the ceramic material and the photographic image is based on inspiration.

The Israel Museum

female figurines from different eras

30 ceramic artists selected an archaeological ceramic artifact from a museum which was the inspiration for creating a work giving the item a contemporary interpretation.

As part of the process, 30 photographers were paired with the ceramic artists and they created a photographic image that relates to the object.


Photograph by Leora Laor

The viewer can observe the processes and draw his own conclusions – not necessarily those made by the curators.

The meeting between the artists facilitated interdisciplinary exposure and a personal meeting. It did not include co-production or documentation of cooperation. (from the catalog)

porcelain, stoneware, iron oxide

Playing dolls and the great goddess

the exhibition catalog

Quest-clay and photography